chicago cubs

  • The MLB Wild Card games are here. We’ve got the Colorado Rockies and the Chicago Cubs battling in the NL. While the Oakland Athletics and New York Yankees play in the AL. Time to pick some winners.

  • Our 2018 MLB Preview has brought us to the National League Central. That means it’s time to find out how big of homers the Bench is.

  • With the St. Louis Cardinals eliminated from the postseason for the first time since 2010 who do we root for now?

  • Some enterprising Chicagoan dropped a goat’s head off at Wrigley Field for Cubs’ owner Tom Ricketts Wednesday afternoon. Apparently killing goats and delivering them to Wrigley Field has become the go-to curse breaker in Chicago, as just back in 2009 a dead goat was found hanging on the statue of Harry Caray. And also in…