Notes From the Pine: Mike Leake Traded For Getting Rid of Mike Leake’s Contract

The Cardinals traded Mike Leake out of nowhere Wednesday morning. The deal was all but official by the time rumors started leaking on Twitter that something was in the works.

Leake was sent to the Mariners to be reunited with Marco Gonzalez who was traded to the Mariners back in July. In return the Cardinals received a light-hitting, minor league shortstop by the name of Rayder Ascanio. Continue reading “Notes From the Pine: Mike Leake Traded For Getting Rid of Mike Leake’s Contract”


Notes From The Pine: Little League Goes to The Show

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The St. Louis Cardinals are set to play the Pittsburgh Pirates in Williamsport, Pennsylvania this Sunday. Lance Lynn and Randal Grichuk are among the Cardinals to have already played in Williamsport back in their LLWS days.

It should be a battle as the Cardinals look to gain 1.5 games on the Cubs in the NL Central while the Pirates role falls somewhere between spoiler and contention themselves at 5.5 games back.

Let’s hop right into this weeks news and notes from around the sports world. Continue reading “Notes From The Pine: Little League Goes to The Show”


Game 051: I Like High Fives

The PineCast is finally back. We’ve nursed our opening day hangovers and watched the Cardinals go from offensive shit-show to offensive powerhouse back to shit-show. But the Blues are up 3-1 so we’re giving out plenty of high fives.

Grab some earbuds and join us for the best St. Louis sports podcast run out of a kitchen in the suburbs in baseball.


Game 045: Case o’ the Loopas

With David on the DL with a case of fatherly duties it is down to Jason and Steve to try the Donald Trump approved1 Taco Bell Quesalupa. And we close out the All 2000s St. Louis Cardinals team by making our picks for closer. Fitting isn’t it? Grab some buds and listen up to the best podcast in St. Louis sports regularly done by 3 guys in a dining room.


Game 009 – Double Digits

We’ve recorded The PineCast 10 times. But we’re on episode 009 because the first was Spring Training. It doesn’t count.

We’ve got a lot in store this week. Steve and Jason were at the St. Louis Cardinals home opener this past Monday and lived to tell the tale. The guys prep you on the upcoming St. Louis Blues vs. Minnesota Wild playoff game starting this Thursday. Finally, David pits Steve and Jason against each other in another edition of “Who’s the Better Brother”.


Game 006 – Waino’s World

On this episode of The PineCast, Steve, Jason, and David are joined by Clayton from Jupiter-ish, Florida to discuss the latest Cardinals Spring Training news. We help you Better Know Adam Wainwright. Break down the St. Louis Blues recent 6 game road trip. Drop a little knowledge on Stan Kroenke’s latest California stadium plan. And one up our March Madness picks from last week by guaranteeing who will be in the Elite Eight. Find out on this week’s episode of The PineCast.

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BREAKING: Aroldis Chapman Eats 18 Pastries, Gives Up Two Bombs

Buckle up because we’re about to take a one-way trip to Scandal Town!

News out of Philadelphia today that everyone’s favorite Cuban defector, Aroldis Chapman, may have pulled a Babe Ruth and downed 18 pastries before serving up two of his own to the Phillies in the form of back-to-back homers, resulting in his second blown save of the season and a 2-3 loss for the Reds.

Phillies broadcaster/pastry connoisseur, Rickie Ricardo has the sticky details (get it, because pastries). Ricardo blew the lid off the PastryGate when he is said to have personally delivered 100 Cuban pastries to Chapman before Sunday’s game and then witnessing Chapman polish off 18 of them. Ricardo recalls the events in his own words.

“He couldn’t breathe!” said Ricardo. “I looked at my partner, I said, ‘He’s ripe for the taking today.'”

Scandal! Intrigue! Pastries!

We will keep you posted as this story continues to develop.