The Kozma Line: A Look at the 2017 St. Louis Cardinals Offense

The 2017 St. Louis Cardinals offense has been streaky. They started out flat, hit a decent stride after 3 consecutive 2-1 victories over the Pittsburgh Pirates, and bottomed out recently putting up 6 total runs over 3 13 innings games. Wasting 9 innings of shutout ball by Carlos Martinez and 8 innings of 1 run ball from Lance Lynn against Clayton Kershaw. Then culminated by getting shutout 10-0 at Coors Field. Continue reading “The Kozma Line: A Look at the 2017 St. Louis Cardinals Offense”


Game 024 – What About Koz?

The whole podcast crew is finally back together. Steve and Jason talk about their recent trip to the Oddball Comedy Festival in Chicago and random movies they’ve watched. But don’t worry there is still plenty of St. Louis sports coverage. We’ll break down the Cardinals winning road trip and how well we predicted the current playoff picture before the season. Then we’ll break down the St. Louis Rams after their third preseason game and tell you what to expect from the Wide Receivers and Secondary this season. All that and more on The PineCast.


Rejected St. Louis Cardinals Nicknames

The 2013 season is well under way and you’ve probably been finding yourself at a loss for words when cheering on your favorite Cardinals. We here at View From The Pine have compiled a helpful list of nicknames for the 2013 season. Feel free to shout them at ballpark, but be prepared for the onslaught of high fives you will surely receive. Birds.

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