Best of Panger

If you are unfamiliar of Blues broadcaster Darren Pang, you should be ashamed of yourself because the man is a real treat, a delight and an underrated national treasure for crying out loud. He’s a former NHL netminder, who had 3 stints on the big stage with the Chicago Blackhawks (which we don’t hold that against you).  In 81 career games, the Kildonan, MB, Canada native amassed a record of 27-35-7, with a .88 save percentage and 4.05 GAA. He also set a Blackhawks’ goalie record with 6 assists in the 1987-88 season. Pang is also considered the 2nd shortest goalie of all time in the NHL, standing at a ginormous 5’5.  Continue reading “Best of Panger”


The Crazy Awesome 2nd Period From Last Night’s Blues Game (Plus fight gifs)

I’ll be the first to admit I’m a bit of a lax Blues fan. I’ll check the scores and make it to a game or so each season, but now that I’m out of my college house I don’t have roommates keeping me as informed. I’m certainly not as up on my Blues happenings as I am on the Cardinals or Rams. I blame it on not having the big Blues season during my youth like the Cardinals (McGwire) and Rams (Greatest Show on Turf) did. That’s why I didn’t turn the game on until the 2nd period last night.

But holy shit, was that one hell of a 2nd period. 4 goals, followed by 3 fights (all Blues wins) to turn a 1-1 game into a 5-1 beatdown. It’s hard to ignore a period that dominating against the 1st place team in the division. Check out the highlights at Let’s see the fights, in gif form! Continue reading “The Crazy Awesome 2nd Period From Last Night’s Blues Game (Plus fight gifs)”


St. Louis Blues Drinking Game: Playoff Edition

The Blues are hosting the Los Angeles Kings in the playoffs for the second straight year, and we’re helping out the only way we know how, by drinking. Lots.

You can follow us live during the game below or using the tag #BlueNoteDrinking on Twitter.

Let’s get right into things.

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