Fernando Tatis Is Unveiling His Art On Twitter

Former St. Louis Cardinals’ third baseman, and the only man to hit two grand slams in the same inning has an extremely entertaining twitter. His feed is currently unverified, so there’s a chance it is fake, but it is nuanced just enough to make you believe it’s the real deal. This isn’t the first time Fernando’s twitter has garnered attention. Well, over the last 24 hours his feed has gotten a bit more surreal, with Tatis showing off his latest post baseball career move, becoming a MS Paint Artist. Images and tweets below.

This is probably my favorite, and also his latest work. You can really tell his attention to detail by the addition of the handicap parking space. Tell us Fernando, what inspired you to add the parking lot?

It was an excellent choice. I can almost taste the delicious slice of pepperoni pizza, and $1! What a bargain! I can only assume that’s why the customer is so happy and the owner is begrudgingly waving as he constantly struggles to break even with pizza prices so low.

His next work “RBI” is assuredly inspired by his triumphs that April night all those years ago against Chan Ho Park.

But let’s not think Fernando is only capable of pizza and baseball. The man obviously has too much skill to be pigeonholed. You only have to go back to his second piece to see his range.

He’s come a long way since his first piece.

He truly did make these for everyone.

The only thing that could make this better is a twitter feud with Chan Ho Park, but Tatis has already put out that flame.

After all these years Fernando Tatis is still one of my favorite Cardinals. I really hope this is him.



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