Guide to Hating on Matt Holliday

Matt Holliday

It’s October, that means two things: the Cardinals are still playing baseball and the Birds are still trotting Matt Holliday out into left field. For some reason. We can’t really do anything to help you out with the former, but we can load you up with some great nuggets of Matt Holliday hate to impress the employees of your local Denny’s during Game 1 of the NLCS.

Exhibit 1: The Stats

Since 2010, Holliday’s first full year as a Cardinal, he’s only tied for the best WAR among left fielders. Not only is he not winning, but the man he’s tied with is admitted PED user Ryan Braun. Some company there Holliday, can’t even outplay a cheater.

His 20.3 wins above replacement over that time is only good for 5th among outfielders and 11th for position players. That means there’s at least 10 players in all of baseball that could have helped the Birds get more wins since 2010.

Not only is he not winning in WAR, but he’s only third in RBIs among left fielders. He’s behind a reformed substance abuser (Josh Hamilton), and (clutches pearls) a former Cub!

Exhibit 2: The Durability

Holliday is only 100 plate appearances up on the next closest left fielder. That’s not an elite gap. Since 2010 Holliday has only played in 580 games. You know how many left fielders have played more games since 2010? One. Alfonso Soriano. Don’t let Holliday supporters try to pull the “he’s played in more games if you count playoffs” card either. Kind of a cheap move since not everyone gets to play in those.

The guy just gets hurt. In 2011 he missed 9 games because of an emergency appendectomy. Take your time recovering there Matt. Not a season going on or anything. Again in 2011 he had to leave a game because a moth got lodged in his ear. Who hasn’t had that happen?

Exhibit 3: Clutchness

If somehow the guys outside the liquor store at 1 AM on a Tuesday night still aren’t buying on your Holliday hate it’s time to bust out the big guns. Playoffs.

In the 2011 playoff run Holliday only put up a .294 average, .419 on base percentage, and scored 13 runs in 16 games. Talk about not showing up. Then in this years NLDS he waits until the 6th inning of game 4 with the Cardinals down 2-1 in the series to hit a 2 run go-ahead homer. Had he done that earlier in the series that game may not even be necessary. Totally selfish.

That should do it. If for some reason these Holliday apologists still don’t buy your arguments on why the 6 time All-Star sucks there’s no hope for them. They just don’t get baseball.


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  1. CraigDanger Avatar

    Also, he drives an automatic. That’s not clutch.

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