Guide to Hating on Matt Holliday

It’s October, that means two things: the Cardinals are still playing baseball and the Birds are still trotting Matt Holliday out into left field. For some reason. We can’t really do anything to help you out with the former, but we can load you up with some great nuggets of Matt Holliday hate to impress the employees of your local Denny’s during Game 1 of the NLCS.

Exhibit 1: The Stats

Since 2010, Holliday’s first full year as a Cardinal, he’s only tied for the best WAR among left fielders. Not only is he not winning, but the man he’s tied with is admitted PED user Ryan Braun. Some company there Holliday, can’t even outplay a cheater.

His 20.3 wins above replacement over that time is only good for 5th among outfielders and 11th for position players. That means there’s at least 10 players in all of baseball that could have helped the Birds get more wins since 2010.

Not only is he not winning in WAR, but he’s only third in RBIs among left fielders. He’s behind a reformed substance abuser (Josh Hamilton), and (clutches pearls) a former Cub! Continue reading “Guide to Hating on Matt Holliday”


Feels So Wong, It’s Got To Be Right

Cardinals phenom, Kolten Wong is joining the Birds today in Chicago a few weeks before September callups.

I’ve got to imagine he’ll be getting some work in at 2B moving Carpenter over to 3B on days Freese needs some rest. Obviously, Matt “Doubles” Carpenter isn’t going to be seeing the bench much anytime soon, so it’s likely Wong will cut into Freese’s playing time.

Freese hasn’t been terrible over the last few weeks batting .311 with 1 HR and 9 RBIs over the last 15 days, but with Matt Carpenter’s sudden appearance as an All-star leadoff hitter, and Wong lurking in AAA the move has been coming for awhile. It’ll be interesting to see how the Cardinals move on with Freese, Wong, and Carpenter for the rest of the season.


Former Cardinal Chris Perez Has A Drug Problem

Current injured Cleveland Indian closer and former St. Louis Cardinal, Chris Perez is being investigated after a narcotic delivery to the Cleveland home he rents was intercepted by police.

According to the Cleveland Plains Dealer, Perez’s rental home was searched Tuesday night and a controlled delivery of marijuana was found. It’s possible that Perez is on the receiving end of some bad luck from some previous drug dealers that forgot to update their mailing address as police had been to the house several times before Perez had moved in, but that seems unlikely. (That’s some stellar investigative work right there.) Continue reading “Former Cardinal Chris Perez Has A Drug Problem”


Cardinals Wind Up With Another Rookie Pitcher. Wacha Wacha!

After their latest rookie pitcher blew a Gast-ket (Wacha Wacha), the St. Louis Cardinals have called up another pitcher to take over the Lyons-share (Wacha Wacha) of innings left by injuries while Carpenter builds (Wacha Wacha) himself up to return to the field.

Sorry, those were awful. I’d promise not to do it again, but that is a promise I simply cannot keep. Much like Mozeliak’s couldn’t keep his promise to bury Wacha in AAA until they could push his arbitration eligibility back a little farther. I mean that’s complete speculation, but it makes sense because everyone seems to believe Michael Wacha is going to have to get paid once he’s had some time in the bigs. Continue reading “Cardinals Wind Up With Another Rookie Pitcher. Wacha Wacha!”