NFL Picks Week Seven

Our unanimous decision that the Carolina Panthers would beat the Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday Night Football last week proved the power of the View From The Pine Unanimous Seal of Approval of DEATH! The Panthers loss moved us to 1-4 on the season when collectively agreeing on a winner in our Game of the Week. Maybe this week we can use our powers for good and cause the Patriots to lose. Find out inside!

Game of the Week #1: Kansas City Chiefs @ Oakland Raiders

Tim (13-11): No one thought Kansas City was going to finish the season 16-0, as they were the last undefeated team left before losing last week. I think they lose again.

The Thursday night games are always a toss up. The most exciting part is see what the color rush jerseys will looks like. Maybe Oakland will wear all silver.

Oakland Raiders Logo

David (11-13): Oakland just lost to the Chargers at home. So, that’s why. Plus Kansas City almost pulled off the comeback against the Steelers when their offense was looking pretty bad. I expect them to bounce back with a vengeance this week.

Kansas City Chiefs logo

Steve (10-14): Because they are better at football.

Kansas City Chiefs logo

Jason (10-14): For whatever reason the Pittsburgh Steelers have the Kansas City Chiefs number. Everyone expected KC to walk all over the Steelers on Monday night after the Jaguars did just that to Pittsburgh the week before. Of course the Steelers then knocked the undefeated Chiefs off. The Raiders on the other hand haven’t beaten the Chiefs since 2014. I expect the Chiefs to bounce back against an Oakland team that hasn’t been firing on all cylinders since Derek Carr’s injury.

I’ve got a feeling we have a USAD1 on our hands. So watch out Chiefs2.

Kansas City Chiefs logo

Game of the Week #2: Atlanta Falcons @ New England Patriots

Tim (13-11): The Super Bowl rematch looked way more interesting a few weeks ago when the Pats were struggling and before Atlanta blew a 17 point halftime lead to Jay Cutty. Time for the Pats to go on their annual run and finish the season 13-3.

New England Patriots logo

David (11-13): This is a toss up for me really. The Falcons have lost 2 straight while the Patriots have snuck by their last 3 wins by a touchdown or less in each (lost by 3 to the Panthers in week 4). Going with Belichick at home on this one.

New England Patriots logo

Steve (10-14): The Falcons will want to play them tough to make up for the Super Bowl. There will be a glimmer of hope and they’ll get shit on again because of Bellichick devil magic.

New England Patriots logo

Jason (10-14): Listen the Atlanta Falcons burned me last week. I had them as a surefire win against the hapless Miami Dolphins led by Jay Cutler. And they looked good off to a 17-0 lead. Then they lost 20-17. Again…to Jay Cutler. A smart man would pick them to lose to the team that came back on them from down 25 points when they last met. In the Super Bowl. I just can’t pick the Patriots.

Atlanta Falcons logo

Lock of the Week

Tim (13-11): Dallas Cowboys (-4.5) @ San Francisco 49ers (+4.5)

I’ll take the Cowboys because Elliot is playing. No he’s suspended again. Wait, no he’s back playing. Make a freaking decision on this already. Actually it doesn’t matter this week because the 49ers are awful.

Dallas Cowboys logo

David (11-13): Dallas Cowboys (-4.5) @ San Francisco 49ers (+4.5)

Brian Hoyer was benched last week for a dude with the last name of Beathard. Beat, hard. I feel like the 49ers don’t even have a chance when you’re starting QB has a name like that. Cowboys by a bunch.

Dallas Cowboys logo

Steve (10-14): New Orleans Saints (-3.5) @ Green Bay Packers (+3.5)

I don’t have a lot of hope for Rodgersless Packers.

New Orleans Saints logo

Jason (10-14): New Orleans Saints (-3.5) @ Green Bay Packers (+3.5)

I have no faith in the Packers without Aaron Rodgers under center. Without Rodgers the I don’t even know if Mike McCarthy has a job at this point. Plus my fantasy team could use big games from Michael Thomas and Mark Ingram.

New Orleans Saints logo

Upset of the Week

Tim (13-11): New Orleans Saints (-3.5) @ Green Bay Packers (+3.5)

Everyone is counting the Packers out after Rodger’s injury. Nick Hundley leads them to a victory to keep hope alive (temporarily) for Packers fans before Mitch Trubisky takes over the division. But it’s not all bad for Wisconsinites. The NBA season started and they get to watch this guy play.

Green Bay Packers logo

David (11-13): Seattle Seahawks (-7.5) @ New York Giants (+7.5)

The Giants might be the toughest defense that Seattle has played all year, and if the Giants can beat the Broncos, then why couldn’t they beat the Seahawks especially at home.

New York Giants logo

Steve (10-14): Washington Redskins (+4) @ Philadelphia Eagles (-4)

I’ll go with the Redskins as having the best chance at the upset.

Washington Redskins logo

Jason (10-14): Jacksonville Jaguars (-3) @ Indianapolis Colts (+3)

The Jacksonville Jaguars beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh 30-9. The Steelers then beat the undefeated Chiefs in Kansas City. That has led us to the Jacksonville Jaguars being a favorite. On the road! In a division game! The Jaguars haven’t won in Indianapolis since 2012.

You have to imagine the Colts are going to focus on stopping Leonard Fournette and make the Jaguars rely on their defense and Blake Bortles. The problem being the second part of that equation.

Indianapolis Colts logo

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