Notes From The Pine: Hey Now, You’re an All Star!

Gold Yadier Molina

Since Albert Pujols missed the All Star game in 2011, the St. Louis Cardinals have sent 20 position players to the game. Of those 20 to make the All Star game from 2011 to 2017, 6 of them are Yadier Molina, 3 are Matt Carpenter, and 11 of them are no longer Cardinals. Or at least not on the Major League Roster.

That’s a group that contains Aledmys Diaz, Jhonny Peralta, Matt Holliday, Carlos Beltran, Allen Craig, Rafael Furcal, David Freese, and Lance Berkman.

What does that mean? Nothing. It’s just this week’s fun(ish) fact of the week.

Also that 2011 miss for Pujols was the first time he had missed an All Star game since 2002. A year he finished second in MVP voting. In 2011 he only finished 5th. Who are the idiots that vote on this game? Oh yeah, us.

Around the Horn

The Springfield Cardinals Randy Arozarena pulled off the rare infield “triple” last week. Ok so it was probably an error, but the turn at second is just great.

Alex Ovechkin ended his wedding by dancing shirtless to Boney M’s Rasputin. I don’t know what that means but it sounds awesome.

Ilya Kovalchuk will stick to playing for Russia and won’t somehow end up on the St. Louis Blues as rumored by one of our Blues insiders. Playing in the Olympics in 2018 was a key factor in his decision.

August Busch IV was arrested “after trying to fly off in helicopter while appearing intoxicated”. Oh and the helicopter was only filled with prescription drugs and guns. What? You didn’t get hopped up on prescription drugs and fly your helicopter into an office park Monday night?

The All Star Game was actually pretty, pretty good. Carlos was throwing gas. Yadi was G-O-L-D GOLD, hit a bombskie, and went hair flip to hair flip with Bryce Harper. It went extras but didn’t end in a tie. And best of all it didn’t determine home field advantage in the World Series.

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#STLCards twitter came up big too donating to Carlos’s Tsunami Waves foundation during the game. #102for102

Peyton Manning hosted the ESPYs and no one watched. Probably. Do people still watch the ESPYs? Did they ever? Anyway he had a couple funny bits. And a burn on Kevin Durant.

The Chicago Cubs traded for Jose Quintana in the most boring day of sports.

Cubs fans saved Las Vegas Casino’s hundreds of thousands of dollars by not cashing in their winning tickets. Give them a break, they’re new to this.

In sad ex-Cardinals news, Colby Rasmus is stepping away from baseball for reasons unknown at the time. He was putting up decent numbers.

Jhonny Peralta was also released from the Red Sox. Not a great day to be a former Cardinals player.

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