Notes From The Pine: The Trade Deadline Looms

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The MLB Trade Deadline is fast approaching and the St. Louis Cardinals have yet to make a big move. After the sweep of the Rockies we’re still not sure if they’re going into the break as buyers or sellers.

I still think they can move Lynn and still compete this season. Boston (David Price) and Los Angeles (Clayton Kershaw) have lost pitchers to the DL. Maybe they need a solid innings eater. Who else could be on the move is anyone’s guess.

Around the Horn

The Cardinals acquired Tyler O’Neill, the #29 overall prospect in baseball, from the Seattle Mariners for Marco Gonzalez. It’s sad to see him MarGO. Sorry.

Eephus League makes some very slick looking scorebooks.

So this is what Price yelled at Eckersley about. 

Adrian Beltre is my favorite non-Cardinals player. He got ejected from a game for moving the on-deck circle after the umpire tried to get him to move.

In other sensitive umpire news, Toronto Blue Jays skipper John Gibbons got tossed for arguing this non-call.

Penalty shots in Russia are a bit different.

This guy high fived the Todd dressed as the Todd and the world didn’t explode.

Top notch work, Internet. Check the replies.

This bat-dog kept taking the ball from the pitcher’s hand instead of retrieving the bat. A+ dogging.

Cardinals minor-leaguer Patrick Wisdom showed off his arm on this play deep behind third base.

The Nationals went back-to-back-to-back-to-back and hit 5 total homeruns in the 3rd inning of a game against the Brewers.

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