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We had a heaping helping of Blues news early in the week with Doug Armstrong wheeling and dealing going into the draft. Sandwiched between losing David Perron to the Las Vegas Golden Knights and Patrick Berglund to a shoulder injury (until December).

In news from The Bench here at View From The Pine, we’re working toward getting the podcast revamped and under a new name. Be on the lookout for an update in the days ahead.

Around the Horn

After losing David Perron to the Las Vegas Golden Knights in the NHL expansion draft, the St. Louis Blues made a couple big trades going into the draft.

The sent fan whipping boy Jori Lehtera and the 27th overall pick to the Flyers for Brayden Schenn.

Then they traded fan favorite Ryan Reaves and the 51st pick to the Pittsburgh Penguins for the 31st overall pick and Oskar Sundqvist. Reaves seemed as shocked as fans were.

The Blues were able to get Robert Thomas and Russian Klim Kostin in the first round. And went big in the second.

They then lost Patrick Berglund until December with a shoulder injury.

Jimmy Butler may not have had anything to say immediately following his NBA draft day trade to the Minneapolis Timberwolves, but his trainer sure did.

While we’re on the NBA draft people dug up newly drafted players old tweets. And they’re about what you’d expect from teenagers on Twitter.

In honor of “Austin 3:16” turning 21 this week, ESPN put together a video of some of Stone Cold’s finest moments.

Jhonny Peralta is joining Allen Craig in the Boston Red Sox’s minor league system.

This week in Magneuris Sierra being really fast news: The speedster stole home early this week. Meanwhile his teammate down in Springfield, Oscar Mercado, is leading the Texas League with 26 steals on the year. (As of June 23)

Former St. Louis Blues and Olympic shootout standout T.J. Oshie signed an 8 year deal for $46 million with the Washington Capitals. Good for him.

A Michael Jordan fan got a crying Lebron tattooed onto his leg.

The Los Angeles Dodgers’ Cody Bellinger doesn’t know who Jerry Seinfeld is. Good thing he hits a lot of dingers. This is the opposite of Jerry not knowing who Ke$ha is and shutting her down for a hug. I’ll be honest. I wouldn’t recognize Ke$ha either.

St. Charles native Mark Buehrle admitted to having “only like three beers….Max” prior to his 14th inning save in the 2005 World Series in a piece for the Players’ Tribune.

The Chicago Cubs are having more drama in the clubhouse after giving up 7 steals to the Washington Nationals.

The Ringer wrote about how the St. Louis Rams’ terrible culture is the root cause of their constant, inescapable losing. #F**kKroenke

A Redditor made (or at least found a link and claimed to have made) custom logo badges for all NHL teams. The Boston Bruins looks like a bear goatse.

Tim Tebow got called up for some reason. And he of course hit a homerun off a Cardinals affiliate in his game 2 of a double header on his first day. Maybe the Cardinals are just trying to make him look good so the Mets call him up and look like idiots.

The new Jumanji trailer starring The Rock and Kevin Hart hit the internet. It seems…surprisingly not awful.

The LA Clippers traded Chris Paul to the Houston Rockets. With Houston now trying to throw their hat into the super team ring.

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