Game 063: Technical Difficulties

The PineCast is back and we’re shaking the cobwebs off in our first episode in months. Tim went to the Winter Classic. The Cardinals signed Dexter Fowler. Jeff Fisher even got fired and we forgot to mention it! But don’t worry, there are plenty of other St. Louis Cardinals and St. Louis Blues hot takes to go around.


Guide to Picking a New NFL Team

With the NFL season fast approaching, it’s time for St. Louis fans to pick a new NFL team to follow for the 2016-17 season. The Rams are gone along with their mustachioed head coach Jeff “7 and 9” Fisher and their mustachioed turd of a person owner.

Really it was a team that was the shell of the Greatest Show on Turf for the last 10 years. They’ve moved to L.A. to chase dreams of making it big. Only to find out no one in L.A. cares about a football team that once went 15-65 over 5 years. They already aren’t getting the ratings Rams preseason games would get in St. Louis.

There is good news though. You get to start fresh. No longer are you forced to deal with sub-mediocrity. You get the chance to pick a team to root for over the upcoming 16+ games. That’s right. 16 plus. You could finally have a team that’s relevant for more than 16 games. A team that doesn’t shatter all hopes by winning in overtime in week 1 then following it up by losing to Washington in week 2 and literally lighting their own field on fire in week 31.

We know this is a tough decision, and that’s why we’ve put together this helpful guide so you can pick a new team from the 28 teams left out there once you remove the Rams and the Cleveland Browns from contention. Because no one is willingly rooting for the Browns. Not even Lebron. Continue reading “Guide to Picking a New NFL Team”


Lochte’d Up

On a brand new episode of the PineCast we break down the Olympics shenanigans of Ryan Lochte and co. Whether it’s winning Gold or possibly fabricating getting robbed at gun point. We’ll delve down into why. Plus the St. Louis Cardinals are on a 4 game winning streak. Is it because Jason finally hung his autographed Allen Craig bat. Probably not. But hung it he did. And Jeff Fisher doesn’t think he’ll go 7-9 again. We all have a good laugh at that. We’ve got all the sports and a healthy helping of pop culture on the newest episode of the PineCast.


Game 053: We’re Back!

It’s been a long and lonely road, but we’re back. We didn’t post a new podcast through the whole St. Louis Blues vs Dallas Stars series, partly out of fear of the jinx, partly out of laziness. But the Conference Finals are tied 1-1 and the Blues need the PineCast bump.

The St. Louis Cardinals are also sticking around .500, but we think they’ve got a few more winning streaks in them that losing streaks. Grab some (ear)buds and prepare yourself for a brand new episode of the PineCast!


Game 052: Full Blown Blues

The St. Louis Blues have advanced in the NHL playoffs! Our hearts here at The PineCast almost stopped, but we’re still alive and kicking. David makes his triumphant return to the podcast after a few weeks off. The St. Louis Cardinals are hitting and Matheny is putting together plenty of lineups. We’ve also got way more than an NBA minute. Grab some pine and your favorite headphones and listen to an all new episode of the PineCast.


Game 051: I Like High Fives

The PineCast is finally back. We’ve nursed our opening day hangovers and watched the Cardinals go from offensive shit-show to offensive powerhouse back to shit-show. But the Blues are up 3-1 so we’re giving out plenty of high fives.

Grab some earbuds and join us for the best St. Louis sports podcast run out of a kitchen in the suburbs in baseball.


Game 050: Sliding Into Depression

The PineCast is back and, by popular demand, we are again joined by Tim! And with that brings Tim’s thoughts on North Carolina’s loss to Villanova in the NCAA Championship. Plus we’re all mourning the St. Louis Cardinals 0-3 start. But all is not lost. The St. Louis Blues are tied for first in the conference with 2 games to go. Probably 1 by the time you listen to this, but whatevs. Grab some ear buds and get ready for the podcast once described as, “I listen to the first 10 minutes.” Continue reading “Game 050: Sliding Into Depression”


Game 049: The Birds and The Bees

It’s a very special edition of the podcast. Joe and Tim are in studio to share their picks for the MLB division winners. The St. Louis Cardinals start the season in less than a week. And the St. Louis Blues are shutting everyone down. You’re not going to find a more accurate MLB season preview. So grab some earbuds and listen up.

Continue reading “Game 049: The Birds and The Bees”


Game 048: Feel the Birds

On this episode of the PineCast we break down our March Madness brackets which are more like March…What the Hell Were We Thinking Brackets. Don’t worry there’s no jokes as awful as that one in this podcast. But there is plenty of breakdown on the St. Louis Cardinals shortstop situation as well our thoughts on Aledmys Diaz being sent down to Memphis. Continue reading “Game 048: Feel the Birds”


Game 047: Happy Stone Cold Month

It’s 3/16. That means it’s Stone Cold Steve Austin month! Celebrate with an all new podcast. Steve, Jason, and David are back at it breaking down the news so far out of Spring Training for the St. Louis Cardinals and the one game the St. Louis Blues have played since the break. Will the rest do them well going into a big 3 games against Chicago, Anaheim, and Dallas? Find out on the newest episode of The PineCast! Continue reading “Game 047: Happy Stone Cold Month”