5 Cardinals That Need To Step Up For The Playoff Push

The St. Louis Cardinals are alternating between limping and striding into the playoff race. Just as they seem ready to turn a corner they lose 2-1 to Milwaukee at home. Then follow it up by nearly being no hit by their division rival in Busch.

Now the Cardinals find themselves in a three team race for two wild card spots. Their opponents being the New York Mets and the San Francisco Giants. They’ve at least got a bit of a chance to control their own fate with a 4 game series looming in San Francisco this weekend.

But they need to get through the Cubs series within striking distance. And that’s going to require some Cardinals to step up over the final 19 games of the regular season.

Adam Wainwright, Kolten Wong, and Randall Grichuk have already started getting hot. They need a few players to join them and light a fire under this team. Continue reading “5 Cardinals That Need To Step Up For The Playoff Push”


All 2000s St. Louis Cardinals: Catcher

The St. Louis Cardinals have been arguably the best team in baseball since the Y2K bug almost sent our world crashing back into the stone age before computers. They’ve amassed 1,464 wins over the span, second only to the New York Yankees. And they’ve done it at about half the price. The Yankees cost per win was $1,936,034.08 to the Cardinals $1,017,063.63. So it goes without saying they’ve had some good players pass through. Continue reading “All 2000s St. Louis Cardinals: Catcher”


Rejected St. Louis Cardinals Nicknames

The 2013 season is well under way and you’ve probably been finding yourself at a loss for words when cheering on your favorite Cardinals. We here at View From The Pine have compiled a helpful list of nicknames for the 2013 season. Feel free to shout them at ballpark, but be prepared for the onslaught of high fives you will surely receive. Birds.

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