Guide to Picking a New NFL Team

With the NFL season fast approaching, it’s time for St. Louis fans to pick a new NFL team to follow for the 2016-17 season. The Rams are gone along with their mustachioed head coach Jeff “7 and 9” Fisher and their mustachioed turd of a person owner.

Really it was a team that was the shell of the Greatest Show on Turf for the last 10 years. They’ve moved to L.A. to chase dreams of making it big. Only to find out no one in L.A. cares about a football team that once went 15-65 over 5 years. They already aren’t getting the ratings Rams preseason games would get in St. Louis.

There is good news though. You get to start fresh. No longer are you forced to deal with sub-mediocrity. You get the chance to pick a team to root for over the upcoming 16+ games. That’s right. 16 plus. You could finally have a team that’s relevant for more than 16 games. A team that doesn’t shatter all hopes by winning in overtime in week 1 then following it up by losing to Washington in week 2 and literally lighting their own field on fire in week 31.

We know this is a tough decision, and that’s why we’ve put together this helpful guide so you can pick a new team from the 28 teams left out there once you remove the Rams and the Cleveland Browns from contention. Because no one is willingly rooting for the Browns. Not even Lebron. Continue reading “Guide to Picking a New NFL Team”


Game 046: Rocket League Hiatus

We’re back after taking a week off to get really good at Rocket League in preparation for our third careers. Right behind podcasters. While we were gone the St. Louis Cardinals started Spring Training and the St. Louis Blues won, lost, and won again. Continue reading “Game 046: Rocket League Hiatus”


Game 041: Grumpy Old Birds

On this very special episode of The PineCast Steve and Jason are running as a duo again and they are even less prepared than usual. That means lots of pop culture, a little Bachelor, updates on the Cardinals news out of Winter Warm Up, and more complaining about Stan Kroenke.

But that’s not all. We’ve also got NFL picks for Championship Sunday, and some breakdowns from the NFL games from the weekend. Including the Packers vs Cardinals finish.

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Game 040: Between a Kroenke and a Hard Place

On this episode of the PineCast, Steve and Jason are sans David and attempting to podcast while following along with the NFL Owner’s Meeting to decide the fate of the St. Louis Rams and Los Angeles. Spoiler: Things do not go well.

It’s not all bad news in St. Louis. We still have the Cardinals. A team with ownership that cares for it’s fans. And a team that just added Korean closer Seung-Hwan Oh. A closer that has not one but two awesome nicknames. Stone Buddha and Final Boss. And we reveal our choice for centerfield on our All 2000s St. Louis Cardinals team. Plus NFL picks because I guess we’ll still cover that sport.

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Game 034: Keenum is on the Case

Catch an all-new podcast where we break down the St. Louis Rams decision to bench Nick Foles and open the file on Case Keenum. We’ve also got our pick for catcher on the St. Louis Cardinals All 21st Century team. Spoiler alert. He just won another platinum glove. It’s Yadi. Plus we introduce David’s NBA minute and dive into the St. Louis Blues recent swoon. Grab some Beats by Dre because we’ve got the audio quality working back in full swing on the newest episode of The PineCast.

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Game 033: The Dating Game

Disclaimer: We had an audio issue with the taping so there’s some static behind the voice. Sorry, it’s a great episode though. We’ll clean it up next time.

With Lance Lynn being shutdown for 2016 and the Cardinals needing another power bat, we introduce a new segment to the podcast: trade for, sign, cut. Plus we’ll break down the St. Louis Rams addition of Wes Welker. And Jason forces puns into places they don’t belong. All that and more on an all new episode of the PineCast.


Game 032 – We’ll Never Be Royals

The Royals won the World Series. The Rams are over .500 in November for the first time since 2006. Up is down. Left is right. But at least the Blues are still winning despite dealing with injuries to, well, everyone.

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Game 029 – Todd Almighty

The Rams pulled us all back in with a huge second half performance from Todd Gurley that helped seal a win in Arizona. We’ll break down their chances to follow it up with another win in Green Bay. Plus we’ve got a preview of the Cardinals NLDS matchup with either the Cubs or the Pirates. But before that series starts the Blues drop the puck on a new season. All that and much more on the best regionally based sports podcast by 3 amateurs in baseball.


Game 025 – Ramming Speed

This is our final podcast…before the NFL season begins. So we’ve got lots of NFL talk. We break down the Rams o-line, and make picks for the locks, upsets, and Rams of week one. Raaaaandy is hitting pinch hit bombs and I really thought he was going to hit two in the same inning to give the Birds the lead. We’ve got plenty of great St. Louis sports talk for you on the newest episode of The PineCast.