NFL Picks Week Nine

NFL Picks Week Nine 2017

We did it! in our Week Eight edition of our NFL Picks we correctly picked the Seattle Seahawks to win. Making the second time this season that a team has won when we reached a unanimous decision that they would. We’re up to 2-5 on the season.

Week 9 in the NFL has a lot of wide spreads. Let’s break down who is going to win.

Game of the Week #1: Atlanta Falcons @ Carolina Panthers

Tim (18-14): The Falcons got lucky to beat the Jets last week to snap their 3 game losing streak. I’ll take Carolina at home despite them trading a top receiver this week.

Carolina Panthers logo

David (16-16): Panthers have averaged exactly 3 points in 4 games to teams with no offense. Teams with offense however, have scored almost 30 points per game against the Panthers. Going with the Falcons offense in this one.

Atlanta Falcons logo

Steve (15-17): Cam hasn’t looked great for the fantasy team, but I’ll take the Panthers in this one.

Carolina Panthers logo

Jason (13-19): I’ve failed at picking for the Falcons and against the Panthers all season. Might as well take that as a sign. The Panthers at home take down the Falcons on the road. Sending the defending NFC Super Bowl Participants to 4-4.

Carolina Panthers logo

Game of the Week #2:

Tim (18-14): I don’t think Dallas can overcome the loss of Elliot against a good defense.1

Kansas City Chiefs logo

David (16-16): Elliot being able to play actually changes this game for me, because Kansas City has given up the 5th most rushing yards in the league so far this season and it’s in Dallas.

Dallas Cowboys logo

Steve (15-17): The Cowboys haven’t done much to prove they can beat one of the best teams in the league. I’ll go Chiefs.

Kansas City Chiefs logo

Jason (13-19): Through 7 games the Denver Broncos have scored 127 points. 42 of those were against the Cowboys. The Chiefs are a much better team than the Broncos. Their 1 interception on the year was thrown by none other than wide receiver Tyreek Hill. I think the Chiefs can go into Dallas and handle the Cowboys.

Kansas City Chiefs logo

Lock of the Week

Tim (18-14): Denver Broncos (+7) @ Philadelphia Eagles (-7)

I thought the days of betting against Brock Osweiler were over. Have to take advantage while I have the chance.

Philadelphia Eagles logo

David (16-16): Indianapolis Colts (+11.5) @ Houston Texans (-11.5)

With the Astro’s winning the World Series, Houston will still be bumpin’ even with the abrupt season-ending ACL injury to Deshaun Watson. His injury makes this a closer game than it should be.

Houston Texans logo

Steve (15-17): Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+7) @ New Orleans Saints (-7)

Saints are my lock this week, meaning they will totally lose this game. So there’s that.

New Orleans Saints logo

Jason (13-19): Denver Broncos (+7) @ Philadelphia Eagles (-7)

I don’t see Brock Osweiler going into Philadelphia and putting up enough points to beat the Eagles. He was cut by a team that can’t even file the paperwork on time to complete a trade for AJ McCarron.

Philadelphia Eagles logo

Upset Special

Tim (18-14): Baltimore Ravens (+4.5) @ Tennessee Titans (-4.5)

Somehow the Titans are leading the division. I’m not a believer in any of the AFC South teams.

Baltimore Ravens logo

David (16-16): Oakland Raiders (-2.5) @ Miami Dolphins (+2.5)

Mainly picking this because the Dolphins are at home and I can’t get a read on how good/bad the Raiders actually are.

Miami Dolphins logo

Steve (15-17): Washington Redskins (+6) @ Seattle Seahawks (-6)

The Seahawks seem like the most likely to be upset this week. Although the Rams on the road against the Giants is enticing…

Washington Redskins logo

Jason (13-19): Baltimore Ravens (+4.5) @ Tennessee Titans (-4.5)2

The Ravens are 4-4 with losses to the Jaguars, Steelers, Bears, and Vikings. All not terrible teams. The Titans are 4-3 thanks in part to wins over the Colts and Browns in the past 2 weeks. And the Browns game went to OT. Who goes to OT against the Browns?

Baltimore Ravens logo


  1. Tim turned this in before Elliot was allowed to play. Again.


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