Picks From The Pine: 2016 NFL Week Six

We’re back with a picks article this week after a 1 week hiatus. We still made picks last week. Just no one sent me notes to complete the article. Picks from last week can be found in the latest episode of The PineCast. 

I do know that I went 3-1 last week. Which probably did absolutely nothing to move me up the rankings. Let’s get into the reason you’re all here though, week 6 NFL Picks.

Game of the Week #1: Atlanta Falcons @ Seattle Seahawks

Jason: With no October baseball for the first time in my adult-job having life there is no October baseball. So with that I’m taking the money saved from postseason tickets and traveling the northeast. I also did no research. Maybe I let my wife make my pool picks this week. Who knows. Falcons it is. 

Pick: Atlanta Falcons

Steve: Going with the Seahawks to come off their bye week and beat the Falcons. Still not completely sold on the Falcons even though they’ve won 4 straight.

Pick: Seattle Seahawks

Tim: The game is in Seattle with a chance of rain. Not a good sign for the team that plays half their games in a dome and relies heavily on the pass.

Pick: Seattle Seahawks

David: I don’t see ATL’s offense thriving on the road in Seattle. It’s going to be a low scoring affair where the Seahawks win it with a field goal late.

Pick: Seattle Seahawks

Game of the Week #2: Dallas Cowboys @ Green Bay Packers

Jason: Is Tony Romo going to play this week or something? Why are people bringing him up now. Oh well, don’t care. Going with Rodgers!

Pick: Green Bay Packers

Steve: Taking the Packers here, despite them not beating a good team yet.

Pick: Green Bay Packers

Tim: At 4-1, the Cowboys are in jeopardy of not going 8-8, which they seem to do every year.

Pick: Green Bay Packers

David: This was a tough one, as I think it’s going to be a shootout. Neither team really has a great defense but both have a lot of weapons on offense. Picking GB solely on the elements, and those elements being the home crowd at Lambeau, not the weather cause I doubt it will snow or be super cold.

Pick: Green Bay Packers

Lock of the Week

Jason: I’m going to continue my safe bet Lock of the Week tradition until I gain some ground in the standings. Pittsburgh trounced Miami in a laugher. 

Pick: Steelers over Dolphins

Steve: Buffalo is playing some good football and Kaepernick isn’t gonna win San Fran this game.

Pick: Bills over 49ers

Tim: I’m picking the always dangerous, and completely unwatchable Thursday night game. Denver has their QB back, and the Chargers just are not very good.

Pick: Broncos over Chargers1

David: I really think BUF is going to be an offensive juggernaut this season even without Sammy Watkins. Kaepernick starting isn’t going to help SF at all.

Pick: Bills over 49ers

Upset of the Week

Jason: The Raiders are off to a better start than most expected. And I liked them as a wild card this year. But 5-1 seems too good of a start. 4-2 seems better. 

Pick: Kansas City Chiefs over Oakland Raiders

Steve: I’ll take Indy over Houston just because there aren’t any great upset games to pick this week.

Pick: Colts over Texans

Tim: Despite the cross-country trip, Kaepernick getting his first start will give the 49ers a boost, followed by so, so many stories about him on ESPN. But then Niners will be back to mediocre next week.

Pick: 49ers over Bills

David: The Chargers have been putting up a lot of points, but losing games late. The Broncos defense is due to let up for one game right? Mainly picking this one, because, what the hell?

Pick: Chargers over Broncos

  1. I may have told Tim I would post this before Thursday.


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