Picks From The Pine: NFL Week Ten

Bill Belichick vs Pete Carroll

We’re on to week 10 of the NFL and we’ve actually got some legitimate matchups for a change. Let’s get right into the picks.

Game of the Week #1: Dallas Cowboys @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Jason: Since about week 12 last year I keep thinking the Steelers are going to put it together an make a big run, but they keep letting me down. After last week Roethlisberger is something like 2-6 in games coming back from injury. I’ll hope the extra week gets him closer to form. I’m just not ready for a world where Jerry Jones is 8-1.

Pick: Pittsburgh Steelers

Steve: Pittsburgh didn’t do much last week to give confidence that they can beat one of the best teams in the league.

Pick: Dallas Cowboys

David: Steelers offense is one dimensional and their defensive secondary is going to get carved up by Prescott.

Pick: Dallas Cowboys

Tim: Big Ben came back a bit too early last week. I think he’ll look better this week. Plus the Cowboys luck has to run out eventually.

Pick: Pittsburgh Steelers

Game of the Week #2: Seattle Seahawks @ New England Patriots

Jason: The old Jason trap game. In the past this would be a test of who I want to lose more, the Patriots or the Seahawks. Well Kroenke made that easier. Now I can just go with the better team.

Pick: New England Patriots

Steve: Bellichick will be riding high off his Trump endorsement letter.

Pick: New England Patriots

David: Tom Brady at home? Forget about it.

Pick: New England Patriots

Tim: I’m not picking against the Pats until they give me a reason to do so. Also I believe Seattle’s record is inflated due to the weak NFC West.

Pick: New England Patriots

Lock of the Week

Jason: Green Bay Packers @ Tennessee Titans

The Packers have issues. The Titans aren’t good. The Vikings are tailing off leaving the NFC North wide open. If the Packers are going to win it, this seems like a game they have to win. Otherwise we can’t expect the Lions to make the playoffs can we?

Also I guess I didn’t get the memo we were all going to pick the 12.5 point favorite.

Pick: Green Bay Packers

Steve: San Francisco 49ers @ Arizona Cardinals

Going the David route on this one.

Pick: Arizona Cardinals

David: San Francisco 49ers @ Arizona Cardinals

San Francisco is just awful.

Pick: Arizona Cardinals

Tim: Arizona won this matchup in week 5, and they had Drew Stanton playing. The 49ers are heading towards a 1-15 season and then Chip Kelly will go back to coaching Oregon.

Pick: Arizona Cardinals

Upset of the Week

Jason: Los Angeles Rams @ New York Jets

The Rams need the win to get back on pace for 7-9. This seems like one of those games where everyone has given up on the Rams. They’ll win. People will think they have an outside chance at the playoffs. They’ll beat the Dolphins next week. People will think they’ve turned the corner. Then they’ll lose 4 in a row and have to win out to hit 7-9.

Pick: Los Angeles Rams

Steve: Green Bay Packers @ Tennessee Titans

Not feeling the Packers in this one and Mariota has been getting some decent fantasy points which is basically how I’ve been getting my football info.

Pick: Tennessee Titans

David: Denver Broncos @ New Orleans Saints

The Saints offense is running on all cylinders and Denver’s defense has been subpar as of late.

Pick: New Orleans Saints1

Tim: Kansas City Chiefs @ Carolina Panthers

The Panthers have won their past two games to get to a respectable record, but they barely hung on against the Rams last week. I don’t care if the Chiefs play Alex Smith, Nick Foles or some other former NFC West QB.

Pick: Kansas City Chiefs

  1. The Saints are the favorite in this game. The research is second to none.


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