Sausage Party is the Raunchy Anthropomorphic Food Cartoon We’ve Always Wanted

Over under on how many unwitting grandparents took kids to see this over the weekend?

Sausage Party wastes no time in letting you know exactly what it is. The latest Seth Rogen/Evan Goldberg creation answers the question “What would it be like if a Pixar movie made dick jokes?”, and thankfully we have the answer.

This movie quickly lets you know what it is all about via a catchy Disney-esque song that gets you ramped up for everything that’ll be satirized over the next 90ish minutes. This movie satirizes almost everything you can think of. Anthropomorphic food sex, anthropomorphic food religion, anthropomorphic food race, and so on. It does all of this without seeming mean spirited the whole way through. Something increasingly difficult in a time when everyone is constantly offended by something. That is not to say that it doesn’t make the easy joke, because it is definitely not afraid to do that.

I think there is definitely something here for most everyone. Our theater had a wide variety of folks in it, and everyone was laughing their ass off throughout. Especially the bros sitting in the back who likely had pounded some bro drinks beforehand. Shout out, broskies.

Throughout the movie, you’ll be constantly trying to pick out voice actors, because there are a shitload. Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig, Michael Cera, Jonah Hill, Danny McBride, Nick Kroll (playing a literal douche), Salma Hayek, James Franco, Edward F*cking Norton?! Not only is Edward Norton in this, but he’s basically doing a Woody Allen impression? Was I supposed to know that Edward Norton did a Woody Allen impression? There are more that I didn’t list here, but Rogen definitely assembled Team Rogen on this one.

Anyway, this movie will make you both laugh your ass off and potentially scar you for life. Especially after a final scene that’ll give new meaning to #foodporn. Hey Oh! *makes fade away jumper motion*

If you’re in the mood for another Seth Rogen comedy and you think Pixar needs to be taken down a peg or two, look no further. Even if some of the jokes are low hanging fruit. See what I did there?

4 Stars


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