Gifs of Waino Just Being Waino

Adam Wainwright might have only been 2nd in the league in Cy Young voting, but he’s definitely 1st in the league in charisma. We’ve got less than 61 days until Opening Day 2014 against the Cincinnati Reds. Until that we’ve got plenty of gifs of everyone’s favorite staff ace, Adam Wainwright, just being Waino.

That’s one hell of a fist-pump Waino


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Ranking Boston’s Beards from Worst to Face Meltingly Awful

Boston, like many playoff teams before them, have embraced growing beards. Like literally everyone else these days. Yet everyone is treating Boston like they’re special for growing beards. Well we here at View From the Pine don’t think Boston is special (although Jonny Gomes may be), and we’re going to expose these Boston beards for how awful they really are.

5. Jarrod Saltalamacchia

Why are those reporters interviewing that homeless guy?


Is that a catcher or a hobo the Red Sox picked up off the street? Saltalamacchia’s long hair has gotten in his eyes several times this series, causing him to make ill advised throws all over the field. Continue reading “Ranking Boston’s Beards from Worst to Face Meltingly Awful”


Preview: Arizona Cardinals at St. Louis Rams – Bruce Arians Die Hard Edition

The Rams are set to kick off the 2013 season Sunday vs the Arizona Cardinals in St. louis. Buzz is high in St. Louis for the NFL’s youngest team, which got alot younger after losing Steven Jackson to the Falcons in the offseason and replacing him with second year player Daryl Richardson.

Meanwhile the Cardinals hired Bruce Arians to take over as their coach. Bruce is best known from his run as the interim coach for the Indianapolis Colts last season, and for playing the bomb tech in 1995’s Die Hard: With a Vengeance.

Bruce Arians Die Hard With a Vengeance

If there’s one thing we know about Bruce it’s that he’ll try his best to defuse a bomb, even if it turns out to just be syrup because the German soldier with a bone to pick wouldn’t blow up a school, he’s just in it for the money.

Below we’ve created a game to help you differentiate between Bruce Arians and that guy who defused the bomb in Die Hard: With a VengeancePick which are Bruce and which are Die Hard.

[envira-gallery id=”1335″]

Trick question. They’re all Bruce.

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Bud Selig Sweeping A-Rod Under the Rug Through 2014

If you’re a fan of Alex Rodriguez or Johnny Manziel, today was not a good day for you to watch ESPN. I can’t imagine that venn diagram encompasses too many people. I don’t recall Texas fans be too infatuated with A-Rod after his stint with the Rangers and after Manziel has puke and rallied his way through the offseason his fans seem to fade outside the Lone Star state.

Bud Selig suspends A-rod

Well, yesterday Bud Selig did what A&M wished it could do with Manziel’s autograph controversy*, and swept A-Rod and fellow roiders Nelson Cruz, Evereth Cabrera, and more under the rug. The rest of the crew got off with a miniscule 50 game suspension, but Bud went after A-Rod with an iron fist and suspended him through the 2014 season. Poor A-Rod will have to survive on the $61 million guaranteed left on his contract.

Of course the Yankees activated A-Rod today and, in a true act of schadenfreude, batted him cleanup, and will continue to do so until A-Rod’s appeal process is over. At least White Sox fans gave him a heart booing upon his return.

*Drink every time a talking head calls it Autograph Gate.


South Carolina Attached a Camera To Their Catcher

With all the Google Glass videos going around these days I thought it would be a cool idea to wear them during a baseball game to get a first person view on the field. My main hurdles being I don’t have Google Glass (your move Google), nor do I play baseball. Of course, even if I had 1 and 2 down at this point, I doubt striking out and kicking grounders around would make for compelling footage.

Well, besides stealing my high school alma mater’s baseball hat logo*, they’re also stealing my ideas. Everyone’s favorite Gamecocks strapped a camera to their catcher’s head and sent him into the field against perennial powerhouse Wofford.

Then some industrious video production major hurriedly edited it together, showing the minimal amount of gameplay and threw an overplayed song on top. Here are the results.

*Ok, so they had it first and we got permission from them to use it. Same thing.

via Deadspin