Why to root for each team left in the MLB Postseason

What to watch in the MLB Division Series

The League Championship Series teams are set. There have been a lot of big moments in the wildcard and divisional rounds. The League Championships should have some epic battles of teams fighting for a chance to represent their league in the World Series.

Now that the Cleveland Indians have proved as adept at blowing big leads as they were at winning consecutive games in August and September you may need a new team to root for. Here’s a quick primer on why you should root for each team left in the MLB Postseason.

New York Yankees

The Yankees aren’t suppose to be here. Everyone picked the Indians to walk their way to a World Series title. Including us. But here they are. And they can hit some dingers.

Aaron Judge is one of those that can hit some dingers. Although he can also strike out. He went a gentleman’s 1-20 with 16 Ks in the ALDS against the Cleveland Indians.

Aaron Judge has achieved his third golden sombrero of the ALDS
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If nothing else watch the Yankees to see if Judge is going to hit a homer or strikeout. Plus there’s a chance you’ll see Matt Holliday growing out his hair.

Houston Astros

Watch the Astros for Jose Altuve and Carlos Correa at the plate and up the middle in the infield. They’re two of the most dynamic players in baseball. If anyone had the 5’6’’, Altuve to be the first player to join Babe Ruth and Albert Pujols and 6 others in the 3-homers in a postseason game club you’re really good at guessing. Perhaps you should put your powers to better user.

But the real fun comes from watching Carlos Beltran, one of baseball’s best postseason hitters, chase that elusive ring as his career winds down. Beltran has 16 homers and 42 RBIs in 58 postseason games. He absolutely detroyed his first time with the Astros in 2004 hitting 8 homers and driving in 14 in 12 games.

Plus Kate Upton is probably going to be there.

Los Angeles Dodgers

The Dodgers looked unstoppable early in the season. Then they hit a wall going 1-16. Of course by that time their lead was insurmountable and they still locked up home field through the postseason with 104 wins.

Watch the Dodgers to find out if this is the year Kershaw translates his absolute dominance in the regular season into a strong playoff run. He only gave up 5 hits through 6 1/3 in his NLDS start, but 4 of those were solo homeruns. There are no Cardinals to chase him from the playoffs this year, so will Kershaw finally get over the hump?

Chicago Cubs

Where to begin. Oh, hold on, about to go through a tunnel.

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