Notes From The Pine: The Border War is Back!

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Mizzou and Kansas basketball will be reigniting the Border War for an exhibition game to raise money for disaster relief on October 22nd at the Sprint Center. I have to imagine Mizzou’s offseason was a big part in making this happen. It should be a fun game and an early taste of the completely revamped Mizzou basketball squad.


John Mozeliak was on Bernie’s show this week putting to rest any idea that him and Tommy Pham are feuding.

The Cardinals could be gearing up for a run a Greg Holland if he declines his $15 million option with the Colorado Rockies. Holland had 41 saves and 70 strikeouts over 57.1 innings in 2017 for Colorado.

That articles also mentions the Cardinals have interest in Japanese closer Yoshihisa Hirano. Who I1 have not heard of, but his nickname has to be Yoshi, right?

The Dodgers and the Astros have both jumped out to 2-0 series leads after a couple of walk-offs in their respective Game 2s. Here’s why to root for each of the 4 teams left in the playoffs.


If you’re fantasy team relied on Aaron Rodgers you’re going to be quarterback shopping the rest of the season. The Packers QB broke his collarbone on Sunday.

The Falcons managed to blow a 17 point lead to Jay Cutler and the Miami Dolphins on Sunday. Becoming the first team to lose as a 13+ point favorite in 5 years.

ESPN’s experts are 41-76 on the week heading into Monday Night Football. I’ll be honest, we weren’t much better.


The Blues dropped 2 in a row to fall a point back of the Blackhawks who come to St. Louis on Wednesday. Sure it’s only 6 games into the season, but f**k the Blackhawks! We did get this sweet slo-mo of Vladdy five-holing defenders.

Around the Horn

Andre Drummond doesn’t have time to waste covering a big man taking a three.

Marshawn Lynch is just a delight. His new show is going to be good.

  1. And apparently Wikipedia



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