Best of Panger

If you are unfamiliar of Blues broadcaster Darren Pang, you should be ashamed of yourself because the man is a real treat, a delight and an underrated national treasure for crying out loud. He’s a former NHL netminder, who had 3 stints on the big stage with the Chicago Blackhawks (which we don’t hold that against you).  In 81 career games, the Kildonan, MB, Canada native amassed a record of 27-35-7, with a .88 save percentage and 4.05 GAA. He also set a Blackhawks’ goalie record with 6 assists in the 1987-88 season. Pang is also considered the 2nd shortest goalie of all time in the NHL, standing at a ginormous 5’5.  Continue reading “Best of Panger”