Game 064: The Podcast About Nothing

On the latest episode of the PineCast we discuss the Little Big League balk that wasn’t called, the benefits of throwing your glove at a batted ball, and make up some new rules to make baseball fun again.

We haven’t purged all of our audio demons yet. We tried going back to remove what we could in post, and salvage coherent thoughts. Hopefully this little episode has finally helped us debug the new recording laptop. There’s some echo from about 11:30 to 26:00. Then it’s clear until the last 5 or so minutes of the episode. Sorry about that. Tried to upgrade the equipment and it works worse than the old stuff.


Game 063: Technical Difficulties

The PineCast is back and we’re shaking the cobwebs off in our first episode in months. Tim went to the Winter Classic. The Cardinals signed Dexter Fowler. Jeff Fisher even got fired and we forgot to mention it! But don’t worry, there are plenty of other St. Louis Cardinals and St. Louis Blues hot takes to go around.


The PineCast 062: Mass Hysteria

The Chicago Cubs have won the World Series. Dogs and cats living together. Mass hysteria! We break our PineCast silence to break down what turned out to be a pretty good World Series, and a better Game 7. And a quick preview of what this means for the St. Louis Cardinals going forward. Plus we preview our weekend NFL picks.


The Best Photoshops of the 2016 St. Louis Cardinals

As the 2016 MLB season winds down, we take a look back on the St. Louis Cardinals season. A season that ended without postseason baseball for the first time since 2016. While the season brought us quite a bit of frustration, especially when the Birds played at home, it also provided us with some fine Photoshoppable moments.

We take great pride in our Photoshops, these are our favorite Birds Photoshops from the 2016 season. Continue reading “The Best Photoshops of the 2016 St. Louis Cardinals”


061 The Birds Post Mortem

In the newest episode of The PineCast, we break down what went wrong with the St. Louis Cardinals 2016 campaign. In hopes of shedding light on why they missed out on the playoffs for the first time since 2010. We’ve also got some hot tips for our weekly NFL picks and break down the winner’s of the MLB Wild Card and Division Series rounds.


No Givesies Backsies

Did you guys watch that debacle in San Francisco last night? We did. And you know what LA? You can keep the Rams. They’re all yours. Meanwhile back in St. Louis the Cardinals nearly avoided being no-hit at home and need to win some games to regain control of a wild card spot.

Update: Sorry for the audio issues. We’re working out some issues with a new setup and our mic is possibly dying.


Lochte’d Up

On a brand new episode of the PineCast we break down the Olympics shenanigans of Ryan Lochte and co. Whether it’s winning Gold or possibly fabricating getting robbed at gun point. We’ll delve down into why. Plus the St. Louis Cardinals are on a 4 game winning streak. Is it because Jason finally hung his autographed Allen Craig bat. Probably not. But hung it he did. And Jeff Fisher doesn’t think he’ll go 7-9 again. We all have a good laugh at that. We’ve got all the sports and a healthy helping of pop culture on the newest episode of the PineCast.


Game 055: Oh No!

St. Louis Cardinals closer Seung-hwan Oh ran into trouble in the 9th inning in Cincy last night, and The PineCast has some thoughts on what that means for the Cardinals going forward. Plus we’ll debate how the Cardinals fared at the trade deadline and revamp our picks for the division winners.


Game 054: First Half SupBIRDlatives

The PineCast is back with St. Louis Cardinals first half superlatives. Plus we’ll break down the MLB All-star Games and play a little hypothetical game with the allstar roster. Grab some buds and listen to the best St. Louis based sports podcast recorded by 4 guys in a dining room.