Better Know a Cardinal: Marcell Ozuna

By far the biggest move the Cardinals have made this offseason was trading for Marcell Ozuna from the Miami Marlins.

He may have been the consolation prize to Giancarlo Stanton, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t one hell of a prize. And unlike Giancarlo, Ozuna is excited to play baseball in St. Louis.

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NFL Picks Championship Round + Super Bowl Preview Update

The AFC Championship is going to feature Blake Bortles vs Tom Brady with a potentially dislocated finger on his throwing had. While the NFC Championship is a battle between former quarterbacks that led the Jeff Fisher Rams.

Quarterback play is going to be on full display. Just kidding. It’s gonna be terrible. But we’re here to help you sift through all the crap and find out which teams are going to battle in the Super Bowl. And who will win it all. Continue reading “NFL Picks Championship Round + Super Bowl Preview Update”


NFL Picks Wildcard Round

The 2017 NFL playoffs are here. You may have been confused by the inclusion of teams such as The Los Angeles Rams, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Buffalo Bills. That’s right this years NFL playoff teams feature some of the cream of the QB crop with the likes of Jared Goff, Blake Bortles, Case Keenum, and Nick Foles. Not to mention Tyrod Taylor who was benched for a guy that went on to throw 5 interceptions. In a half!1 But I assure you this is actually the NFL playoffs. So let’s get to the picks! Continue reading “NFL Picks Wildcard Round”


NFL Picks Week Sixteen

It’s fantasy football championship week! And if you’re not as keen on the fantasy gridiron I guess it’s Week 16 of the NFL. Week 16 is like the penultimate episode of a Game of Thrones season. It’s where all the big shit typically goes down. Then week 17 is just tying up loose ends and giving the bug guys a break to setup for the next season.

On to the picks!

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NFL Picks Week Fifteen

The Philadelphia Eagles established their dominance in the NFC with a home win against the Rams in LA. But in the process they lost Carson Wentz to a knee injury. One thing the Rams didn’t lose after the Jeff Fisher era was a knack for injuring quarterbacks.

Of course as Case Keenum and Jared Goff have shown this year perhaps a quarterback shouldn’t be judged by his time with the Rams. Which is a good sign for the Eagles backup Nick Foles who will be thrust into the starting gig for a playoff run.

Meanwhile the Packers get Aaron Rodgers as they battle to hang in the playoff hunt. Plus we’ve got 2 first place battles and a matchup of the AFC’s top 2 teams. So let’s get to our week 15 picks. Continue reading “NFL Picks Week Fifteen”